Should You Use Marble or Neolith in The Kitchen?

Two great building materials, marble and neolith. Oh, but how do you choose? How do you know what’s best for your kitchen? Let’s keep it simple, and weigh the benefits of each. Let’s talk about the qualities they’ll bring, and the beauty each offers. Let’s start with marble, a classic.


Marble Countertop

Marble is timeless. It’s been used as an elegant material for building since the times of ancient Rome and ancient Greece. That’s history, and with marble you share in that history. Besides its incredible, rich tradition, the veins in marble craft beauty and elegance into anything it touches. In a kitchen, along with the gorgeous style, it’s really good for baking.

If you’re a baker, marble is the way to go. Marble is made from pressurized limestone, and it stays cooler than room temperature. Bakers understand how crucial that is. The chilled surface helps with handling chocolate, and it keeps dough from sticking.

Aside from baking benefits, it does brighten a room. The natural glow of the stone reflects back into the room, so everything around marble benefits from its beauty. It’s also easy to cut and shape creating different edge profiles , it’s heat resistant , although it’s not recommended to put hot pots directly on marble as it may affect the polished surface  . Marble is a porous material and needs to be sealed regularly to avoid absorption and staining. unsealed marble attracts stains and spots from oil, juice, and other liquid spills.


Neolith Countertop

Neolith is an attractive  and versatile material. It carries elegance, but can portray various other styles too. Neolith comes in 50 different colors from marble, concrete, wood, and steel.

While some people do want the authentically cultivated marble in their homes, many understand neolith is a better option for them in certain circumstances. If you have kids, or you have clumsy guests, is one of those circumstances.

Neolith is scratch resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean, and incredibly long lasting. Though it’s not exactly the chilled surface you might get out of marble for baking, it is heat resistant. You can put hot pans, pots, and cookie sheets on it with no issue. And with kids running around, you won’t have to worry about scratches or spills. It’s nonporous, so it doesn’t attract stains. And the maintenance for neolith is much easier than marble. A simple granite cleaner is all you’ll need.


The Bottom Line

If you want a unique look and elegance, and don’t mind the maintenance part go with marble. On the other hand, if you’re looking for and elegant countertop that’s  maintenance free scratch , Heat , Stain -resistant , you absolutely want neolith in your home. Either way we are sure you will like both options .

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