What is The Difference Between Marble and Granite?

Marble & granite are two of the most popular building materials for home fixtures such as kitchen countertops, bathtubs and flooring. Despite their physical similarities, each material is essentially different. It is important for homeowners and proprietors alike to know the ideal maintenance approach in retaining the optimal condition of their materials.

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Classic Vs Modern Kitchen Designs

When it comes to kitchen designs in Kuwait, the styles have changed over the years. These days, the open kitchen concept is more popular than ever, as the idea of creating a space that is large enough for guests to gather together is appealing to a lot of homeowners.

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Leading Marble, Neolith Silestone, Stone Granite Supplier in Kuwait

KCPC (The Kuwait Company for Process Plant Construction & Contracting ) is a pioneer and leader in Civil engineering, having worked on large public and civil projects. KCPC Marble is the division specialized in marble and natural stonework.

KCPC marble is the authorized distributor of Silestone and Neolith in Kuwait. Additionally, we stock an extensive inventory of other quality stones including marble and granite to suit your construction and renovation needs.

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Why Neolith is an Ideal Material For Your Project?

Neolith is a highly desirable material because of the way it’s made. It’s versatile, allowing it to be used in endless building applications. Made from 100% natural materials, it’s lightweight and sturdy. So whether you need countertops , flooring , facades , interior walls , vanities , or sinks , Neolith is an ideal material to use.

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What is Sintered Stone?

If you’re in the architecture, design, or housing industry – or you’re just a fan of these worlds – you may have heard of an exciting term gaining popularity over the last couple of years. The idea of “sintered stone” is something buzzed-about throughout all of these industries, with more and more places turning to this engaging and interesting style in order to provide a fascinating new look. But what exactly is a sintered stone- and how can you integrate it into your design? Let’s examine that here.

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